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Why should I buy a neck massager?

In short, to make you feel better in your everyday life. Stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders are very common, especially today when many people work at home and do not move as much as before the corona. Many of our customers also have ailments such as osteoarthritis, old whiplash injuries and herniated discs, which creates problems in everyday life. Acquiring a neck massager is an effective way to counteract these problems.

Our customers say that the neck massager not only counteracts stiffness and pain in the neck, but also migraines. When muscles in the head and neck become tense from stress, tension headaches are created. By softening the neck, you also relieve the annoying headache. In addition, the massage is incredibly nice!

Is this a regular massage pillow?

How do I use my neck massager?

How often should I use the neck massager?

How is the neck massager charged?